Investment Grade Companies

By definition companies rated by S&P from BBB- to AAA+ and those rated by Moody’s from Baa3 to Aaa1 are considered Investment Grade quality.

Private companies may qualify for CTL financing when they have investment grade shadow or implied ratings as well. Private companies with strong financials may also be internally rated for investment grade equivalency and financed by RNL as Credit Tenant Lease transaction.

Companies are being watched by the rating agencies on a daily basis and their senior unsecured debt ratings are frequently put on credit watches or either upgraded or downgraded.

The NAIC also rates Corporations for Schedule D accounting treatment. Those rated either a 1 or 2 qualify for CTL loans with RNL.

Due to the copyright laws we do not post Moody and S&P debt ratings, for the latest Corporate Senior Unsecured Debt Rating and/or NAIC ratings please either call us or fill out a contact form with the rating and/or pricing request in the comment section with your general deal parameters.

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