Royal Net Lease
Loan Programs

Permanent Financing

Royal Net Lease provides Credit Tenant Lease Financing to developers and investors for acquisition, refinance or construction of Retail, Office, Industrial and many other usage types on single tenant properties secured by long-term Bond, NNN or NN leases to acceptable credit tenants. Generally these are Investment Grade rated "BBB-" to "AAA" but sometimes are private companies or slightly below Investment Grade rated (BB+). Loans begin at $2 Million with minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio's ranging from 1.00 to 1.05. No traditional LTV restrictions (not to exceed 100% LTV). Loans are typically long term, up to 30 year terms, and self amortizing. Loans may also carry balloons for an extended amortization period utilizing 3 rd party insurance policies as well. For our program outline see more info.

Construction/Letter of Credit

Royal Net Lease can provide a Letter of Credit from an AA rated Bank for one time close construction/permanent financing eliminating the borrowers need of a two step loan process and diminishing the interest rate risk.


Forward Rate Lock

Royal Net Lease can provide forward rate lock up to 1 year at often minimal cost, relieving borrowers of interest rate risk in an often volatile interest rate environment.

Extended Amortization Financing

Royal Net Lease can arrange on a deal and property specific basis for a balloon payment at the end of the initial lease term. This is done by having a 3rd party Insurance Company guarantee for the balloon amount. RNL will negotiate between a number of such 3rd party Insurance carriers for the highest balloon and the most competitively priced policy. Extended Amortization policies are often called RVI policies for residual value insurance. They effectively extend the amortization period of the loan from matching the primary lease term to 5-10 years beyond the primary lease/loan term. There are different types of residual value insurance policies that cover both short and long term leases as well as different programs dependent on both property and credit tenant profiles.

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